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Transportation and Logistics

In this age of global competence, delivering the right information to the right person at the right time is of utmost importance to improve marketing, customer service and upgrade the performance of all the channels involved in the transport and logistics handling.
Our practices in transportation and logistics sectors help clients in strengthening their network thereby transforming challenges into growth opportunities and competitive advantage by enabling them to take swift decisions in the face of strict time-lines, complex pricing decisions and volatile fuel costs.

Freight and Logistics

Our experience and understanding of this highly fragmented industry significantly contributes to our ability to advise clients in a number of areas involved with express, parcel and postal services, trucking, third-party logistics, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping and distribution. By addressing the various challenges posed by this industry, we create opportunities for growth and superior performance for such business units. Some of our work with freight forwarding companies includes:

Designing and implementing MIS system for a freight forwarding company.
Capacity strengthening of marketing executives in developing strategic orientation towards business development.
Structuring of a logistic company involved in trucking and freight forwarding business.



Team members of WOne have been associated with various projects relating to transformation, structuring, project management and training in railways. Some of the key projects done by the team are:

Strengthening of HR systems in northern and north-eastern frontier zones of Indian Railways
Transformation of North Frontier Zone of Indian Railways
Top level executive training programs



Trucking sector is the back bone of Indian logistics sector. The sector faces multiple challenges in the form of dismal road conditions, traffic problem, high maintenance of trucks, overloading, customer management, driver related issues, seasonal nature of business and unpredictable regulatory challenges. WOne team has worked extensively with trucking companies and has helped them in designing and implementing various management strategies to improve their profitability. Some of our work includes:

Advising clients on issues relating to driver management, and devising incentive structures and policies for driver welfare.
Designing of maintenance facilities, layout designing and systems of maintenance.
Structuring of the management and operational team
Truck Maintain Vs Replace Decision Tool
Designing CRT (Customer Route Truck) Analysis tool for business analysis and decision making