WOne Social

WOne team has worked extensively in the health and education sectors and over the last two decades, made valuable contributions to reforms in these sectors. Our work in the health sector includes:

  Policy and strategy formulation
  Providing policy recommendations on performance transformation
  Designing of governance mechanisms and overseeing their implementation
  Developing and implementing voucher schemes in reproductive health care
  Facilitating the development of public-private partnerships for various programs including those in   public health and mental health

  Addressing commitment issues of health professionals
  Health Care financing and development of financing mechanisms. This has been a major focus area   since governments in emerging markets face the continuous challenge of financing health care

  Capacity strengthening of clients on various topics such as project management, project design,   human resource management skills, financial management and so forth.

  Analysing cost-effectiveness of various programs
  Evaluating and implementing low cost medicine options
   Micro-insurance mechanisms
   HIV/AIDS costing of services and development of resource envelope
   Regulations and incentives in health care
  Procurement issues

At Institutional level, our work experience spans across various public and private health care organizations, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and various state governments in India. Our assignments with state governments, in particular, have focused on areas of hospital sector development, reproductive and child health care (RCH), mental health, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. A WOne team member is part of the design team of National AIDS Control Program.