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Metals sector is one of the key industry sectors which has direct bearing on growth and development of a country's economy. Using rich research base of metal industry, WOne has helped many clients in this sector in evaluating projects so as to improve efficiency of existing projects. Some of our key projects include designing of performance standards, business integration strategies, and competitive strategy, conducting benchmarking exercises, efficiency improvement exercises, risk management initiatives, feasibility analysis and developing market entry strategies for various companies. The industries covered by WOne in metal sector include iron, aluminum, copper and recycling industry.

Metal Trading

WOne has experience of working with metal trading companies in India and abroad. Over the years, our work has included:

Designing and implementing Risk Management System
Defined strategic road map for a trading firm regarding the entry and exit of key markets.
Designing and implementing the control room for monitoring of containers to improve performance efficiency.
Designing trading calculator for the traders and sales executive.
Conducting corporate trainings on functional domains like finance, marketing, and HR for top management .
Providing supply chain solution.
Designing and implementing the MIS system for a large trading firm to improve visibility and control over the trading business.

Industry Reports

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