Management Education Forum

Management Education Forum (MEF) emerged as an idea after WOne's extensive work with SMEs. While working on with these companies, the professors realised the need for a training and development organization to build skills for propelling these organizations to the next stage of growth. The answer to this need took shape in the form of MEF, which is dedicated in providing training solutions for SMEs.

Today's global economy calls for multifaceted leaders who have a holistic view of the business, can spot emerging opportunities and navigate economic environment.

Management Education Forum Programs are designed for top and middle-level business executives of the companies to master new skills, explore diverse perspectives, and develop new leadership styles-with a vision to help transform them into outstanding business leaders who can lead their organizations with better skills, judgment, and confidence.

The program emphasizes the problem-solving approach - the process of defining problems, specifying objectives, generating criteria, developing options, and choosing the best alternative in an uncertain environment.

Additionally, the programs develop leadership skills of coordination, motivation, inspiration and suggest measures of monitoring and controlling processes and functions. These business leadership programs are designed for a deeper understanding of management principles that govern the organization as a single, complete entity.