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WOne believes that there is no 'single' approach to deal with various challenges faced by the manufacturing industries to address issues of competition, strategic and sustainable business management, social and environmental concerns etc. WOne strives to constantly create and improve approaches required to address the needs of the industry at every stage and assist the business units to address the emerging challenges.

Some of the work done in the manufacturing sector include:

Demand Forecasting
Process Development
Market entry research and strategy formulation
Cost containment strategy
Activity Based Costing and product rationalization
Marketing Strategy for B2B and B2C market
Environment Analysis
MIS and corporate dashboards
Incentives for workers and supervisors
Alignment of business strategy with structure, systems, staff and skills


Operations form a vital part of the manufacturing industry. The efficiency of operations has a clear impact on the bottom-line of manufacturers. WOne has a rich experience of designing and implementing various strategies that help companies in improving operational efficiency and improving profitability. Some of the projects undertaken in the area of operational efficiency are:

Factory Automation
5-S implementation
De-bottling of plant
Product Mix Configuration
Plant and facilities lay-out designing and implementation
Workers and supervisors training
Capacity strengthening and monitoring
HR policy and unions
Time motion study and labor rationalization