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Our clients at WOne include heath care providers, hospitals and healthcare institutions, both, public and private. We offer a range of services focusing on key issues of health care financing, costing of services, cost-effectiveness, third-party payments systems, claims management, financial health of healthcare institutions, user-fee policy implementation, performance management systems, governance mechanisms and development of competencies. WOne team has worked on and addressed a full spectrum of strategic, organizational, financial and performance improvement issues in healthcare institutions.

Healthcare Systems

WOne team has worked on various healthcare system projects with government and non-government organizations and co-ordinated with various stakeholders to deliver planned health care services targeted to achieve better healthcare outcomes and services for the people at reduced cost and with better efficiency. WOne team members have worked with various nationally and internationally acclaimed organizations like World Health Organization, Asian Development Bank, USAID, Department for International Development (DFID) India, Netherlands Development Cooperation, and Futures International, amongst others. The assignemnts have inter alia included framing and developing policies and procedures to address issues faced by healthcare organizations.

WOne helps healthcare institutions with all the issues of key importance from designing programs, policies and delivery models to capacity strengthening of the stakeholders, assessing commitment of executive leadership, coordinating with implementing agencies, developing implementation structures, holding discussions on design plan, identifying risks and developing mitigating strategies. We also help organizations in assessing the organizational climate and culture and in bringing in the required changes.


Healthcare Financing

Healthcare financing all over the world faces complex challenges of equity, quality and access to healthcare services. Also, financial management is critical for effective implementation of programs. Increasingly, the programs emphasize rigorous auditing and reporting requirements to ensure risks of implementation are adequately addressed. The financial management system also ensures effective utilization of resources.

WOne ensures that the financial management system in a given context and environment aims at developing and instituting a set of arrangements and practices that facilitate improving the performance of the program and ensuring that objectives are achieved. The various components of financial management arrangements and practices that are addressed are as follows:

healthcare financing



Strengthening of hospitals is done through developing and implementing financial budgeting systems that are based on costing of services and utilization load. Through this approach, WOne seeks to understand how much it costs to provide various services in hospitals, examine the utilization load and arrive at the budget of hospital. The analysis helps the hospital management to develop financing options and policies to sustain the healthcare effort. Some specific areas which programme managers find useful are:

How much will it cost to support a strong and effective hospital care system over next five, ten, or twenty years?
How will the policy choices made today on strengthening hospital activities affect the budget?
If funds are scarce, what is the best way to use them in the coming years to ensure that maximum lives are saved? How can this help to cut down on costs to be paid to deliver hospital services in the           future?
If the efficiency of prevention programs is raised, how much will this reduce the costs of future hospital care? Are there other possible efficiencies? If yes, how can they be achieved, and how much           would they save?
Based on the findings and analytical outcomes of the study process, how can modern technologies and information technology be used to contribute to state-wide healthcare resource optimization as           well as to improvements in service delivery to end-user?
In addition to core analysis, WOne analysis attempts to establish key components of a consolidated central information management system, where each and every variable of information pertaining           to disease management, disease spread, patient congregation and priority areas, could be           monitored across the board for focused action and results.
Possibilities of induction of advanced process based tools in patient-care management, medicines inventory control, and effective distribution system of consumables can be well identified to provide           long-term goals of a robust model.