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Education sector is one of the largest services market in India. It has a huge demand-supply gap and a large presence of unorganized players, leading to a highly fragmented industry. Consequently, institutions in the education sector are currently facing many challenges. At the same time, robust growth rates are expected over the next decade as a result of easing-up of regulatory environment and foreign players viewing this space with great interest.

WOne, with strong academic linkages, understands the finer nuances of the education sector. Boasting of people having experience in formulating policies for and running the most prestigious colleges in India, WOne is in a unique position to assist players in the education sector to grow to the next level. WOne understands the emerging competition from both- domestic and global institutions, as well as the implications of rising operational and administrative costs. WOne also understands the importance of managing expectations of key stakeholders, positioning of value offering, and curriculum design to deliver the value and knowledge base.

At WOne we aspire to improve the efficiency of various programs introduced by public or private educational institutions - from providing solutions to making their operations sustainable, developing strategies to reduce their costs and optimize the delivery of value-rich, high quality services and programs. Some of the services provided by us are:

System strategy and institutional transformation
Talent management
Performance management
Administration and operations management
Institutional design and strategy development
New innovations designs and improvement

New Market Entrants

WOne assists its clients in market potential assessment, business modelling and regulatory environment assessment. We have experience in doing in-depth market feasibility studies for institutes of various formats, from K-12 to specialized colleges. This includes market entry strategies, finding out the best locations, service delivery options, defining the unique selling propositions and creating strategies based on consumer insights and competition mapping. We also help our clients with formulating their corporate strategies, growth strategies and financial and operational modelling.

Existing Institutions

We work together with education institutions to ensure their long-term viability. We create strategies to implement structural and sustainable changes that reduce administrative costs, improve program efficiencies and optimize revenue generation. We also help our clients, to chart new growth paths by helping them to foray in complementary businesses thereby helping them capture the true value chain.