Development of Strategic and Operational MIS

WOne MIS Development Process focuses on ensuring alignment of actions with the company's key strategic thinking and performance tracking. Companies face critical challenges of making the MIS system comprehensive and integrated and at the same ensuring effectiveness of its use. Cash flows and profits remain a key area of interest for most companies. However, WOne believes that the process indicators are equally critical in ensuring operations efficiency. These need to be measured and recorded. Our experience and research suggests that most senior executives find performance measurement difficult if not threatening, and they are reluctant to engage with it in a meaningful way.

WOne ensures that key traps in performance measurement do not hinder the process of tracking performance of businesses and individuals. We focus on ensuring that competitors' information is used as benchmarks and do not focus too much on past indicators of success. Our focus remains on improving the qualitative indicators such as strengthening competencies to foster growth and development of people, fostering entrepreneurship and empowerment. WOne ensures that operating realities are connected to performance and conflict of interest situations are weeded out so as to foster a meaningful dialogue between departments. This allows companies to benefit from the entire process.