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Building Materials

Rising material costs, increasing environmental protection requirements and demographic changes are all having an influence on the building material sector. The industry has seen a major shift from being a push oriented business to a customer centric pull oriented one. Building materials producers and traders are therefore under pressure to develop new products and adapt to changing market conditions. WOne has worked with leading players in the building material industry and our projects have been directed towards optimizing production processes to increase product yield and achieve operational excellence. Our work in the sector includes:

Optimizing supply-chain practices to achieve better margins in dynamic markets.
Cost optimization by conducting activity based costing and reducing the non-value adding cost items.
Branding exercise for an industry major.
Developing a distribution strategy for attracting good dealers and widening reach of the client.

WOne understands the requirements of players specific to this industry and assists them in identifying new marketing opportunities, developing and alligning their product portfolios, strategically building-up their marketing channels, conducting market analysis to forecast their production requirements to minimize wastage of resources and optimize productivity.

Due to the industry shift towards a consumer centric model, branding decisions and market positioning have become critical success factors for all the companies. WOne has assisted its clients in formulating the branding strategy, go-to-market plans, integrated marketing communications to reach the specifically targeted customers thus allowing the companies a sustained market share and premium for their products. WOne also facilitates companies in evolving a marketing centric orientation to their internal team structures.