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The automobile manufacturers, automotive component suppliers and commercial vehicles, all face challenges on many fronts including competition due to entry of global players, intense domestic competition, enhanced customer expectations and rising commodity prices.

Challenges include the stagnating markets, increasing complexity of product offerings, new competitors entering the market and global automobile companies hunting for new market grounds to sell their products. OEMs and their suppliers are facing dynamic changes in their business environment and are constantly striving to address market challenges so as to sustain and improve their global competitiveness.

WOne works with automobile companies as well as with automobile components manufacturing companies. We assist the automotive companies on several issues of importance such as:

Capacity strengthening of top executives to improve decision making and implementation of key strategies.
Resolving the issue of growth, returns and sustainability.
Evaluation of new projects and products.
Activity based costing.
Designing EVA based performance management systems.
Designing and implementing MIS systems to improve management control and sensitivity of managers to key performance indicators.

WOne has developed expertise in areas of rationalizing activity costs, evaluating out-sourcing decisions and understanding operating risks, developing brand strategies, and improving pricing strategies.